This is the backbone of our vision of a New Shopping Reality. We are confident these are statements we will apply through our entire business and we aim to bring clarity and transparency on what and how we are going to introduce and operate at SCROBLE.​


SCROBLE is a global concept proposing a new business model and technology for retail. ​SCROBLE’s vision is to establish a new and exciting shopping reality with the ultimate process optimization and unprecedented efficiency in the retail industry. Our goal is to supply seamless access to information and products to brands and their customers through technology. This will make the customer’s journey smarter, faster, and easier.


Everything we do aims to improve existing processes in retail. SCROBLE’s mission is to take shopping to the next level of functionality with an unprecedented customer experience by closing the gap between online and offline shopping. Our goal is ultimate value creation & shopping convenience. We aim to transform retail. We also believe that this new reality will resolve the retail apocalypse and help to improve overall performance and sustainability in fashion.  


We are driven by a unique vision and there is no comparison for SCROBLE. We are very clear about the change we are introducing with SCROBLE – many business models will be disrupted and many existing processes will face a fundamental transformation and tectonic shift. But we truly believe that we need to go through this transformation, especially in fashion retail.


Technology for every brand. SCROBLE is neither created for a couple of brands nor would ever favor anyone, no matter how big they are. SCROBLE was created not to convince the wishes and expectations of some brands, but rather to propose a solution to technologically unite any and every brand in order to deliver exceptional user convenience & efficiency, drive the change through technology and deliver ultimate business results to each and every brand in return.

When working with SCROBLE, brands are united by the willingness to drive this technological transformation with a vision and technology proposed by SCROBLE but are never expected to share the vision/strategy/values of other brands. Participation in SCROBLE should never imply this and should prevent anyone from making such conclusions.

On the other side, SCROBLE is open to operating with every brand without taking a position, supporting or sharing the strategy and politics of the brand. It is about the change we see possible only when we make it all together.


We are passionate professionals united by the vision for the Retail 5.0

At SCROBLE, we strongly believe that the globally existing business models and value chains in retail must be urgently replaced. All environmental problems caused (especially in fashion) are related to it. SCROBLE aims to digitize fashion in a unified format and make it accessible anywhere, at any time. This ultimate product accessibility delivered by SCROBLE technology will help brands to optimize processes – from pre-production and logistics, to supply chain helping to reduce unsold stock.


We believe in digital access to any item, anywhere, and at any time. SCROBLE creates a technological connection between garments in the physical and digital world. We truly believe that the problems of retail can only be solved through this connection.


We know where we want to be. We work for a global change in the manner and possibilities on how we access products and shop. We are a passionate, mission-driven team, who is introducing a new way of product unification and systematization for retail to enable a limitless user-product interaction. We have global ambition. We believe in our ability to craft a unique and visionary proposition thanks to SCROBLE technology and its business model.


We offer the shopping reality “out of any box”. Even everyone may think that there is no “wheel”, which has not yet been invented, we are sure, that the concept of SCROBLE is the new one to the global market. Challenge us if you think we are wrong.


We are here to change things in retail. We took the path, starting as an independent team from building the company and technology from scratch and assembling our team members one by one. Everything we do, we do in alignment with our core values, vision, and mission.


Why we call ourselves “SCROBLE”. SCROBLE is a new word that was constructed in the same visionary way as everything else at SCROBLE. It should gain the meaning of what SCROBLE technology does.


We keep it open to amending this Manifesto at any time, should it become relevant to provide any further clarification or statement.